Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Last math test of 4th grade - Wednesday, June 12 - will require

  • multiplying 2 digit numbers
  • long division
  • identifying, ordering, adding, subtracting, multiplying fractions and mixed numbers
  • measurement/changing units of measurement
  • graphs/line plots/data
Tonight - Math worksheet (many students finished in class, but some did not)
& Family Life p. 19-20 (p. 20 only top section of the page)

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Reminder - Tomorrow is Ascension Thursday (a Holy Day of Obligation) and students will attend Mass at 12:15. Students should not wear PE uniforms

Homework - Math worksheet - changing metric units (students learned the saying "King Henry Died by Drinking Chocolate Milk" or KHDbDCM to help remember how many places to move the decimal when moving from one unit of measurement to another)

The Secret Garden - Students worked hard on the vocabulary squares, and some are near finishing. At a minimum, students should complete 2 more vocabulary squares tonight

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Homework tonight and this week:

The Secret Garden - vocabulary test Friday, all vocabulary squares due Friday (a minimum of two must be done as homework Tuesday night)

The Hobbit - vocabulary test Friday, all cards/options due Friday (some work should be completed for homework Tuesday night)

Due Wednesday - outlines of research for Connecticut Report (some students have already shown their outlines and may begin working on the rough draft)

Math worksheet - Metric units of capacity
*Topic 14 Math test next Tuesday

Monday, May 13, 2019

Connecticut Report - This information went home today, May 13

This is a research project and written report on a topic related to Connecticut History or Geography. Students will choose one topic from the following (or related) categories:
  • A famous/influential person (or group of people) from Connecticut or who lived in Connecticut
  • A landmark of a historical event and/or explanation of the event itself
  • A major city (including the landforms/bodies of water found there, any important events that happened there, major industries)
  • Industries/types of jobs (past or present) - you may want to focus on one category
  • Natural resources/related environmental concerns

Step One: Submit a specific Connecticut topic by Thursday, May 16.

Step Two: Create a “word map” with at least seven researchable questions about this topic, see Voyages textbook p. 75 by Tuesday, May 21.

Step Three: Locate the answers to at least seven questions. Rewrite the information in your own words on your word map. Also write the names of the books and websites where you find these answers. Complete the word map by Friday, May 24..

Step Four: Turn your word map into an outline. Use Roman numerals for each question, and capital letters for answers to each question. Complete the outline by Wednesday, May 29.

Step Five: Use your outline to write a report about your topic. Your final copy may be handwritten in cursive or print. It may not be typed. Due Tuesday, June 4.

Step Six: Present your report to classmates on Tuesday, June 4.
This week:

  • Field trip to Connecticut Supreme Court and Capitol, and to the Cathedral of St. Joseph, Wednesday
  • Thursday - students must submit topic for Connecticut research
  • Thursday -  The Hobbit - be prepared to discuss Ch. 11-13
  • Friday - Connecticut Scavenger Hunt Slide Show on Google Slides is due - this was begun in class, and is to be completed at home using student's school Google login)
  • Friday - spelling test, spelling homework due
  • Friday - Beatitudes test - students are expected to memorize the 8 Beatitudes (may be written or recited), a study guide is being created by each student in class
  • Friday - Vocabulary test (words based on The Secret Garden or The Hobbit), vocabulary homework due Friday
    • The Secret Garden - crossword puzzle, diagram sentences
    • The Hobbit - word cards 
Tonight - math worksheet, The Secret Garden Ch. 13 worksheet for some students

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Review for science test using review sheet provided

Math - p. 318-322 Sets B #4, D #4, 6, E #2, F #2, H #2, 4, 6, I #4, 6, 8

The Hobbit - finish reading/questions Ch. 8-10

Monday, May 6, 2019

Science - Earth Science (Chapter 6) test Thursday, vocabulary cards from the end of the chapter - due Wednesday

Math - Topics 12 & 13 Test Friday; tonight's math homework - worksheet

Spelling Test Friday (packet due Friday)


  • The Secret Garden - read Ch. 11
  • The Hobbit - work on Ch. 8-10 vocabulary words, will discuss 8-10 Thursday
Due next Friday, May 17 - memorize to recite - Beatitudes as listed on handout from class (will be part of Beatitudes test next Friday)

Last math test of 4th grade - Wednesday, June 12 - will require multiplying 2 digit numbers long division identifying, ordering, adding...