Monday, January 7, 2019

Tomorrow (Tuesday, January 8) is a school Mass. Students should wear formal uniforms, and may bring gym uniforms to change after Mass.

Spelling - Due Friday - write words three times each in cursive, write words once in non-dominant hand, write words once in either a silly style or fun color; spelling test Friday

Please note: Students received this list based on words missed on a pre-test; there are no words on the list that the student spelled correctly

Math - Multiplication Test tomorrow, homework p. 198-199, Sets A, B, D & E evens only - even though the textbook indicates the need to work in different ways, students know they should work all problems the "traditional" way in columns (not breaking apart, etc.)

Students will be expected to multiply two-digit numbers by one- and two-digit numbers, solve word problems with extra information and solve word problems that have two questions (like p. 199 Set E)

Reading - Students are continuing to work on a book report in class and all students not yet done with their book will read at least ten minutes tonight

Next week - Vocabulary Unit 6 - students have been encouraged to begin studying this week, and study techniques were discussed (flash cards)

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